The doctors visit to get a medical marijuana card wasn’t bad

When I realized that I had anxiety I was concerned about what kind of medication I would use.

  • A lot of people pushed for me to see a doctor and get on pills.

When you are a man in your 50s, the doctor requires a prostate exam. That is a firm no. I was unwilling to do the exam and my doctor was unwilling to give me pills without it. I found that I can get pills online sent to me without any sort of exam. I tried those out for awhile, but they weren’t any good. I then started looking at other avenues. Most people recommended marijuana for anxiety. In order to get a medical cannabis card I would need to see a doctor. I was already cringing and preparing for the awful exam. Turns out the doctor’s visit for a medical cannabis card is super easy. I sat in the waiting room longer than the actual visit. The doctor just wanted to know why I wanted weed and then wrote me a script. I typed in my code online, paid the fee and my card came in the mail two weeks later. Now I have access to cannabis oil and flowers if I want. I typically vape a cannabis oil every morning to keep my anxiety at bay. It is really the best thing I could have ever done for myself. What is nice is that getting more weed isn’t a problem at all. I just pop into the cannabis dispensary without a problem. I know I will have to renew my card someday, but the appointment wasn’t even that bad.


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