People visit me only for the legal weed

Certain states are known for different things.

My sister lives down south and complains that everyone uses her house as a vacation spot.

She is near the beach and always has good weather. Everyone wants to stay with her for free and make a trip out of it. For me I live in a state that allows recreational cannabis. Anytime somebody comes to visit me, it is all about weed. Everyone wants to see a legal weed shop. They want to try cannabis oils, pre-rolled joints, edibles, a dab bar, you name it. I have to say, I have done it enough that I am over it. Cannabis is no longer a party drug for me. I am actually a medical cannabis patient. I vape cannabis oil everyday in order to relax and sleep at night. So I treat cannabis like any other medical product. It is like going to the pharmacy or drugstore. Stopping in the cannabis dispensary isn’t a fun experience. I also have taken so many family members to the same places that it just gets old. Apparently when your state is known for legal weed, and other people don’t have it, it is a must see. I am hopeful that the other states will get it into gear and have access to recreational weed. Most states allow for medical cannabis. If everyone wants to try weed so bad, get a medical marijuana card! It isn’t that hard and then they can have access to cannabis oil and flower if they want.

recreational pot