Trying recreational weed on the honeymoon

When my husband and I went on our honeymoon we decided to try recreational cannabis for the first time.

In our state you need a medical marijuana card in order to have access to cannabis.

You need to go to a doctor’s appointment, fill out paperwork, pay a fee and you get a limited amount of cannabis. It is very regulated. I also wanted to try edibles and I know that most medical marijuana patients are using flower or oil based products. Going into a recreational dispensary was a real treat for my husband and I. We didn’t know what to expect at all. It makes sense that the facility was very modern, clean and high end. There is a lot of money in cannabis now and it shows. There were so many products, with very unusual names. I could choose from Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Purple Haze or Blue Dream. There were cannabis oils, flower and edibles. I also looked at all the different ways to smoke the product. Their cannabis store had pre-roll joints, hookahs, pipes, bongs and vapes just to name a few. My husband and I enjoyed touring the store more than buying any of the products honestly. We stuck with a traditional edible that had a decent THC content. My husband and I snacked on a few THC infused edibles the rest of the day and enjoyed a nice little buzz. It was a fun day and an eye opening experience at a legal recreational cannabis shop. We both will be going back next time we take a trip.

medical weed dispensary