Some of us are virtually incapable of experiencing effects from cannabis edibles

Even though I tried alcohol for the first time in college at 18, I had a natural tolerance for liquor compared to my roommate.

I could still function on five or six shots while this would be enough to knock him off his feet.

I assumed this had something to do with being overweight at the time, but my tolerance for alcohol persisted after I lost a lot of weight and became thin. Alcohol holds little value and interest in my life, so I could tell anyone what my tolerance is like right now. It’s possible that I would still possess my former capacity to down large quantities of liquor, or my personal pharmacology has changed and now I no longer have the same innate tolerance I had before. I wondered the same for cannabis edibles, as I’ve had mixed experiences with them throughout myself. Once a friend gave me an extremely potent cannabis chocolate candy that had me feeling like I was dying for several hours. The body, tactile hallucinations were unbelievably uncomfortable and unsettling. However, there have been other cases where I took a large dose of THC as a cannabis edible and barely felt any noticeable effects. My cannabis doctor told me that some people have livers that tend to break apart THC more than it would in a different person. I quit using cannabis edibles because I can’t afford the cost of the products needed to experience discernible effects. I’ll stick with inhaling cannabis with a pipe or a vaporizer. At least I get more use out of the same amount of THC compared to cannabis edibles.

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