Fighting over our new product

Sunday afternoon, we got a brand new product, and the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary. The two gram infused marijuana pre-roll was a big hit! Everyone wanted to get their hands on the new product! I was really surprised, because the 2 gram Infuse joint was $50. It included a glass tip and a pretty carrying case, but $50 is a lot of money to spend for a 2 gram marijuana joint. We only got 30 of each one of the different flavored pre rolls. They sold very quickly and we were down to just a couple by lunch time. Two boys came into the store around the same time. They both ordered the same product and there was only one pre-roll left in the case. Each one of the boys thought they were going to be the person to earn the infused pre-roll. I truthfully didn’t know how to make the selection, so I decided not to sell the two gram joint to either one of the guys. That made both of the customers extremely angry. Instead of fighting with me, they got into a fight with each other. The front desk security guard had to get involved when the boys started throwing punches. The security guard got out his taser and threatened to use it if the boys didn’t get up off the floor and stop fighting, but after seeing a taser and hearing the security officer, the boys finally came to their senses and stopped arguing. That was the most fun and excitement we have had on a Sunday in a very long time.

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