Medical marijuana cards are much more reasonable

After the medical marijuana laws were passed, I thought it was going to be easy to obtain a card.

Unfortunately, only a handful of doctors were allowed to prescribe the medication.

It was impossible to see one of the doctors unless you were willing to pay a fortune. I looked into the prices about six months after the laws were passed. The doctor wanted $250 for each one of three visits. The doctor required three visits before he would sign the paperwork for medical marijuana. It honestly seemed like a racket. The doctor was basically charging for his signature. Three years after medical marijuana was legalized, the state United mously voted to legalize recreational marijuana as well. A lot of things changed when recreational marijuana was legalized. The cost to see a doctor suddenly went from $250 to $50. Since it was no longer required to have a medical marijuana card in order to buy the product, a doctor was no longer necessary in the equation. Since medical marijuana cards are much more reasonable now, I decided to go ahead and apply for one of the cards. It saves me a ton of money when I go to the dispensary. There are no excess taxes to pay when you have a medical card. I save at least 30 or $40 every time I go to the dispensary, just because I have the medical marijuana card. The doctors made a killing in the beginning by overcharging and underbooking, but now it is easy for anyone to access herbal pain relief and cannabis medicine.

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