My family physician is now recommending CBD to his patients reluctant to use opiates

I have been seeing the same family doctor since I was a child.

He was fresh out of medical school plus full of energy. First he was our doctor plus then our mom started seeing him properly as well. Although it has been 20 years, he is still practicing in our hometown, but his office is much bigger plus is on the other side of neighborhood now. He has so multiple patients that he’s no longer taking new a singles, which makes myself and others thankful that I’ve been on his patient roster for more than one decades plus I idea on keeping it that way. Recently a lot of doctors were pressured by state regulators to back off on prescribing pain medication. Although this might keep it out of the hands of people who shouldn’t take it, the rules also disportionately affect chronic pain patients negatively. He has to seek other possibilities periodically, plus that’s why he has started recommending CBD products to some of his patients with acute or chronic pain! After the 2018 Farm Bill, you can find CBD in supermarkets, pharmacies, supplement stores, plus supercenters. At a single point it was taxing to find officially sourced plus maintained CBD oils plus creams, but nowadays they’re literally everywhere. Since I personally have a medical marijuana card in our state, I have asked our pot doctor about CBD plus pain relief. He told myself and others that it’s easily effective for extremity pain, but he’s not completely sure about spinal injuries plus broken bones. For that kind of pain, he recommends high THC products if you can get access to a medical marijuana card.


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