Trying to cut out errands

I hate running errands.

  • Getting in a car and wasting your whole afternoon on shopping is just terrible.

I hate when I have more than 1 stop too. Certain sites always seem to get cut. I never seem to make it to the grocery store. I suppose when push comes to shove I can get groceries delivered to our door for a small amount of money. I also can get our toilet paper, prescriptions plus hair care products all sent to me too. My cannabis dispensary is a quick errand that I don’t always make time for. It honestly is better going into the legal weed shop. I enjoy being able to look at the product plus chat with the budtender. They always have sales going on plus I then get to see the sale items in person. I am more likely to impulse purchase plus try a brand new cannabis product, then on days that I can’t face that stop, I am online shopping. The cannabis dispensary does a great task with their website. They have great pics, product descriptions plus it is honestly easy to order. It just isn’t the same. I don’t hunt around or use the chat with a budtender feature. I tend to buy the same stuff. They then offer cannabis delivery services plus can get our order to myself and others within the afternoon. I do spend more on the weed delivery fee but some days it is totally worth it, and periodically I am willing to spend money on just anything not to get in our car plus make a stop at the store.


Buying cannabis