Numerous ways to enjoy the cannabis plant

It’s awesome to shake things up every once in a while, don’t you think? Even the best things in life can get especially stale if you never change it up… Take smoking weed, for example.

This is seriously one the best things in life, as well as I adore doing it every single day.

That doesn’t mean I won’t take some days off, to give my body a break, but in general it is a normal part of my everyday life! Most of the time, I smoke out my glass pipe, but every month or so I will cycle through an array of other tools as well as devices, just to make cannabis extremely exciting as well as different. When I have the most excellent kind of cannabis, nothing is more awesome than enjoying a joint. All I need is a rolling paper, some marijuana ground up finely, as well as a little flick of the wrist and that provides me with the ultimate way to adore the plant. I also have my ancient water bong from university, which gives incredibly strong and clean cannabis hits. If a joint is similar to a pistol, the water bong is similar to a shotgun, as well as produces more powerful as well as more intense results from the same kind of cannabis. You see, the way you smoke marijuana can give you numerous kinds of highs, which is why I prefer keeping it fresh. When I have some low quality cannabis I will typically use it to make some pot brownies or space cake. Once again, the edible form of cannabis delivers a crucially different kind of high than smoking. There is no wrong way to smoke weed, but variety is without a doubt the spice of life.



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