I honestly miss smoking cannabis flower

Moving down south entirely messed up my lungs. I suppose that I constantly had bad lungs, but once I moved here all the pollen plus allergens in the air messed me up pretty bad. I had to spend a lot more time inside while in the summer, lest I face a breathing attack of some kind. I also had to entirely give up smoking pot. I know, don’t tell me that I never should have been smoking in the beginning with these lungs, I definitely know. What can I say, I care about cannabis plus I care about the high feeling, so giving up that habit was challenging. Thankfully, I managed to switch over to edibles, plus although they aren’t quite as satisfying as smoking cannabis, they do alright. The good part about edibles is that for lack of a better term they “Scratch the itch” so that I do not feel preoccupied with missing weed! Edibles supply a physical high that affects my whole body, plus help me to relax without hurting my lungs. On the other hand, they don’t get me high the way smoking cannabis got me high. Edibles are wonderful for helping me go to sleep, but sometimes I don’t want to make my way to sleep. I want to get blazed out of my mind plus play video games all the time… Maybe those nights are over, unless they come up with a new kind of smokeless cannabis that has the same power as smoking a joint. I may not have the best cannabis around, but at least I have my health.

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