I was told I needed a high CBD concentrate.

Before I got my medical marijuana card, I was talking to the doctor who recommended it to me.

I asked him what he would suggest I use if I were to get my medical marijuana card? He told me I needed a high CBD concentrate with a minimal amount of THC in whatever marijuana product I purchased.

I assumed that I could go into any local store where they had CBD products and purchase them. I asked him which store would be best to buy a CBD from? My doctor told me to stay out of fast food stores, or any other ‌store that sold over-the-counter CBD products. He said if I were to buy a quality CBD product, I should either go into a medical marijuana dispensary or into the pharmacy. I needed high quality CBD, and not something that was taken out of the hemp that is used for ropes. I didn’t know there was a difference between hemp’s use for CBD and other hemp, and thought they were all the same. I took his suggestion, however, and I went through all the steps of getting my medical ID card for medical marijuana. The first question I asked when I walked into the marijuana dispensary was; what is the difference between the CBD products they sold there and what I would purchase in a smoke shop? The budtender told me that their CBD came from high quality, medical grade marijuana. The CBD that I purchased in a marijuana dispensary or any pharmacy could do more good for the average patient, then anything bought over-the-counter.


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