Pot has come such a long way

When I was a teen in 1978 the world was a really weird site. Boys and youngsters, imagine a time in recent history when there was no internet, and no one had a smartphone. If a show was on network TV you had to be there to see it when it aired, or wait a few months until it came up again on reruns, because there were no streaming services or DVDs. It’s hard to imagine it was only 40 years ago, because it seems love a completely weird world. Back then if the two of us wanted to score some marijuana, then we drove about several hours to visit a neighbor of ours who lived in another town, while now I can literally walk to the closest cannabis dispensary and get as much as I want. It ain’t cheap, although it sure is convenient, because there is a cannabis dispensary literally a block from my house. If I guess love driving around and comparing prices, there are more than five separate cannabis dispensaries within 10 minutes. Buds, flowers, concentrates, oils, edibles, literally any strains or form of cannabis I could ever want, in any flavor, is available that easily. Even if I can’t walk there, or just don’t guess love it, I have a cannabis delivery repair that guarantees my order will arrive within more than two hours. In one lifetime I went from having to go on a mythic journey to find some pot, and now the cannabis dispensaries will bring it to my doorstep! I have to say, this is long overdue, and I’m thrilled that acquiring cannabis is no longer the slog it used to be.

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