Driving our eldery neighbor down to the cannabis dispensary

Although our neighbor Jim & I don’t see eye to eye on things, every one of us have still become close friends thanks to smoking pot.

You guess the seasoned rule of thumb about not discussing religion or politics at the lunch table? Jim & I apply this rule to ourselves at all times, otherwise every one of us wind up in a shouting match. When it comes to classic music, or movies, every one of us can talk all day & not raise a voice, but every one of us have to avoid those “hot” topics to keep the peace. Jim and I both need to keep the peace, because he is the one with the medical marijuana prescription, & I am the one who can drive him to & from the cannabis dispensary, and Jim is in a wheelchair, so just getting into the van is a tall order, so he could never make it to the cannabis dispensary without a lot of help. Of course Jim could just order online, or over the iPhone, & have the cannabis dispensary deliver it to him. They do offer free deliveries now for purchases of marijuana products over one hundred dollars, but Jim didn’t want to do that. Jim wanted to go into the dispensary in person, so she could see the bizarre strains of cannabis before purchasing. Jim was a stickler for which kinds of cannabis she would smoke, so I would take him there once or twice each month. I don’t mind it, though, because despite her several faults Jim is absolutely generous with her cannabis supply & usually shares just as much as he smokes!

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