My first experience with a cannabis growing operation

Aunt Pat lived in the foothills, about a twenty minute drive from town. She lived far enough out that she had all the peace and quiet she could handle, but was still close enough that she could drive for her groceries and make it here for family gatherings. I always wondered why we only ever saw Aunt Pat around the holidays. She was close enough we could see her all the time, but it was never very often. Also, we never went to see her, she always came to see us. After I learned to drive, I came to find out that was because Aunt Pat was a cannabis farmer, and my folks did not approve of that shady business. Once I learned about her cannabis operation, you couldn’t have kept me away! I had never even smoked cannabis before, I just knew it seemed dangerous and intriguing… plus my parents were against it, which made it all the more appealing to a rebellious teenager. Aunt Pat was very cool, but also warned me away repeatedly. She did not want her parents to find out and get mad at her for exposing their kid to cannabis. Although it was her livelihood, and she rarely even smoked cannabis, she understood that my parents had a different view of things. I went out to visit Aunt Pat several times, and not once did we ever smoke cannabis. She did show me around, and expose me to the science and botany behind a cannabis grow operation, but sadly she never offered me any.



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