I have a lot of fun at the dispensary smoker’s lounge

I have always been an introvert. I like people in theory however in practice they tend to be annoying after a long enough phase of time. I still try to keep my socialization to a minimum, although I have found a modern spot where I actually can have some fun. I never sampled any kind of nightlife before because I don’t like crowds, or dancing, or loud music. That pretty much rules out every single bar & club in the world! One of the local cannabis dispensaries opened up a smokers lounge a few weeks ago, & I have found that it caters to my sensibilities. It adjoins the cannabis dispensary, & is a small, dimly lit room that always has music playing, & offers numerous odd fun distractions. There are tables, chairs, & a bar along a single wall, so people can hang out & smoke the cannabis they bought next door. The vibe is actually chill, which is what I like most, & I can smoke cannabis, eat edibles, & study comics or play video games. Every Thursday night they have an open mic night, where cannabis clients can sing, do karaoke, or tell jokes. Thursday night are for Cannabis Movie Night, where they usually show an aged Cheech & Chong movie, or some other lowbrow comedy with lots of pot smoking in it! Whatever the entertainment is, the volume is always at a moderate level, so it doesn’t irritate those cannabis smokers who aren;t interested. If there were just fewer aged boys & more pretty ladies, it would be perfect!
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