I was surprised to learn our mother smokes cannabis

Last Thanksgiving was the first time I had returned apartment since going away to university, however i had a nice place in a up-to-date neighborhood where I was focused on getting our degree; Between that and our up-to-date wifey, I hadn’t had time to go see our parents in a few months. It was a wonderful return trip home, with lots of wonderful food, and getting to suppose our parents in a different light! They both seemed to be acting differently, and I came to realize that they weren’t different – they were just being themselves, which included our Dad smoking cannabis… Dad had always been a important cannabis smoker, I l acquired, she had just kept it hidden from myself and others through our entire life up until now. I was blown away that cannabis wasn’t something she had just discovered. It had been there all along, however she was so careful about when she used cannabis I never suspected it! Since she cooked so much, Dad often ground up her cannabis and baked it into cookies, brownies, or banana bread. I never liked banana bread, which is why she usually filled it with cannabis, because she knew I’d never eat any, then after our shock wore off, I rolled up a joint, and for the first time in our life I got to smoke cannabis with our sweet old mother! It was the first time but not the last, because now the secret is out the people I was with and I can all smoke as much marijuana as the people I was with and I want, and no more secrets in our family, and everyone gets high.



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