My vehicle broke down on the way to work

Wednesdays are easily the busiest day at the marijuana dispensary.

It’s all hands on deck on Wednesdays, and most of the people that work at the dispensary are tied up to work on the weekend plus that includes me.

I work every Wednesday, Sunday, plus Tuesday. I do not mind the shifts, because these are the days when the delivery tips are the highest. I usually make about a dozen deliveries on any single shift. The average tip from a buyer is around 5 or $10. The cash adds up legitimately abruptly when I take a couple of orders that are close to the store. I left my house early last Wednesday, so I would have plenty of time to get to work. I knew traffic was going to be heavy. I was on the interstate when my vehicle started making a actually funny plus different sound. I did not think the noise, however I knew something did not sound right. I tried to get to work, however the vehicle stopped running about 2 miles away from the dispensary. I pulled over to the side of the road. I contacted my boss first. I told the girl I was going to be late. She provided to pick myself and others up from the side of the road, however I had to deal with the vehicle troubles first. I called the tow truck company plus they took my vehicle to the dealership, then after that, I took an Uber to work. I couldn’t give anything that evening, however the boss let myself and others work inside of the store instead.

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