The delivery guy was dressed in long pants and a sweatshirt

The last week has been very warm and humid. Temperatures are much higher than they have been in the past month. It’s clear that summer is on the way. I’ve been wearing shorts and a t-shirt for the past 2 weeks. Some people still think that temperatures are cool enough for pants. I ordered marijuana supplies from a dispensary in town. I was going to pick up the items at the store, but I decided delivery was a better option. I waited about an hour before the delivery driver arrived. I was surprised by the guy, due to the way he was dressed. The guy looks like he came from a ski resort and mountain top adventure. He was wearing long pants and a sweatshirt. He also had on a hat. The guy looked like he was freezing, even though it was definitely in the 70s outside. I didn’t say anything about their strange ways the guy was dressed. I took my marijuana supplies and went into the apartment. I was pretty happy with my purchase. I got two packages of cannabis Edibles. One of the flavors was strawberry and the other flavor was lemons. Both of the packages were $30 each, but I saved 20% on the purchase, because the edibles happened to be on sale that day. I also got a half ounce of super silver haze. This sativa strain is one of my favorites and it was testing at 28% THC. It was hard to pass up the brightly colored marijuana flowers. They looked as pretty as any plant I’ve ever seen.

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