The officer said my car smelled like marijuana

Medical and recreational marijuana sales are legal in the state where my friends and family live.

I often buy recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary in town.

I wanted to visit some friends that live in a nearby state. That state does not have laws that allow recreational marijuana. I did not want to run out of supplies while I was visiting, so I went to the dispensary and purchased an ounce of dried marijuana flower. The bag made my entire car smell like a marijuana dispensary. The smell is hard to get out of the car. My apartment smells like marijuana too. I’m sure my clothes, jackets, hats, and sneakers all smell like weed as well. I was driving to my friend’s place on Friday and I was speeding. I was only over the limit by ten miles, but the cop decided to pull me over at the end of the street. As soon as he walked up to the car, the guy drew his weapon and told me to put my hands on the wheel. I did as instructed, but I immediately asked the officer why I was being detained. The officer said my car smells like marijuana. He wanted to search the vehicle, but I refused. I told the officer that I had a medical marijuana card and he didn’t ask any more questions. I wasn’t even telling the truth, but the guy stepped away from the vehicle and gave me a ticket for speeding. Things could have gone a lot worse, especially in that part of town.

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