A bit of education

Before making a trip to the dispensary, I did some research into cannabis consumption methods.

I wanted to be expertiseable before consulting with a budtender and making a purchase, but while recreational cannabis is now readily available in our state, the products are quite fancy.

I was reluctant to waste my money or be subjected to an unpleasant experience. I learned that the ingestion method affects both body and mind. I also learned about the endocannabinoid system; The endocannabinoid proposal or ECS is an extensive network within the body that works to maintain homeostasis. It plays a key role in all sorts of functions, including sleep, mood, pain, pleasure, appetite, immune system, reproduction and motor skills. The chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant link with cell receptors that makeup the ECS and influence the signals sent to the brain, however strains of cannabis are now bred to supply certain influences on those receptors. It’s easily important to know the objective of consuming cannabis, whether it’s simply to enjoy a mellow mood or to treat medical ailments. I was simply searching for a way to unwind and relax after a long day of work… After looking into all different types of consumption options, I decided to stick with smoking traditional flower. Inhaling cannabinoids introduces them into the bloodstream easily suddenly for a near immediate onset of effects. Through some experimentation I’ve figured out that a high THC ratio isn’t necessarily the ideal high. I really savor a balanced THC and CBD ratio for anti-anxiety properties. I gravitate toward hybrids and savor the citrus-like terpenes.

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