How I can sleep now

Ever since turning 54, I’ve had some trouble sleeping.

I struggle to fall asleep at night and wake up every couple of hours.

I then feel super tired all day. I was unwilling to rely on prescription sleeping pills and suffer the harmful and long-term side-effects of pharmaceuticals. When a friend proposed cannabis, I wasn’t all that motivated. I had no desire to smoke a joint. I wasn’t aware of how several possibilities there are for consumption methods until I finally visited the dispensary. The selection of items was a bit overwhelming, however, when I explained our goals and preferences to a budtender, he proposed tinctures. A solvent is used to separate the essential oils of the cannabis plant from the extra plant material and create a highly concentrated, cannabinoid-filled product. Because of this, tinctures deliver an especially high dose of weed. They are much lower in fat and calories than edibles and avoid the combustion process of smoking. There’s no tell-tale smell, smoke, vapor, ash, mess or waste. When stored right, tinctures offer an especially long shelf-life. The small bottle makes them easy to put into a wallet or purse for portability and discretion. The dropper allows for micro-dosing. I put a few drops in our mouth for sublingual absorption and quick onset of effects. I swallow any remaining liquid for a delayed onset of effects. This combination is ideal for getting me to sleep suddenly and helping me to stay asleep. I can also add a little bit of a weed tincture into all unusual types of foods and beverages.

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