It’s consistently all nice at the cannabis cafe

I wish there was a way that I could just start & end every, single afternoon at the cannabis cafe.

That may sound different & it has less to do with the yummy marijuana edibles than it does with the overall vibe.

Excluding the cannabis products for a minute, the cannabis cafe just feels good. Like, I can walk in there & our perspective just swings. Of course the cannabis edibles are really, absolutely good. And these aren’t the icky pot brownies you tried to make in university. No, this is just the best stuff around. They cannabis edibles served at the cannabis cafe are delightful. They taste so nice & go down lovelyly with one of the tea blends they offer there. I love to get our order & then transfer out to a quiet table near the street. It’s a side street with far more foot traffic than cars. This is where I set up our perch with our edibles & our coffee. The people watching from this vantage point is just exceptional. And when I go to the cannabis cafe by myself, that’s exactly what I engage in. I guess just standing & watching the afternoon & the people go by is just the best. It’s just so wonderful & balancing. Perhaps that’s the reason I’d love to start & end the afternoon at the cannabis cafe, it’s just so balancing. I’m not too up & I’m not too down. It’s all just right & consistently all nice at the cannabis cafe.


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