The pharmacist commanded a full-spectrum product.

The first time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I had to kneel in my car until the pharmacist called me.

I don’t think if kneeling in the car was normal protocol for first time medical marijuana patients, or if it was because of the pandemic, however I wasn’t sure I liked it.

She made suggestions about what kind of marijuana products I should be buying and I then went inside and bought the products. When I got home, I tried the pain cream, however I had to use so much of it to get even a small amount of relief, that I provided up using it. I also had some marijuana tincture that I was to put under my tongue and hold there for thirty minutes before swallowing. This was something else that I ended up disposing of. I felt like I had wasted $100 and still had no help. My neck was worsening, and the medical marijuana was supposed to help with the pain. I finally talked to someone else who told me to try a full-spectrum marijuana product. I figured that full-spectrum meant it was really a hybrid that had all of the CBD and THC derivatives. I was right about the hybrid, according to a minute marijuana pharmacist, but it didn’t provide me the help I wanted. My hubby started doing some research and he found a marijuana product that was double the amount of CBD than THC. I was able to finally get some rest and m y pain was lessened. Although I used what the pharmacist commanded , I should have listened to my hubby first. I wouldn’t have wasted so much cash.

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