There needs to be a better way for me to locale my order.

Due to the Covid pandemic my medical marijuana dispensary was only offering online ordering and free delivery repair to their clients in a more than nine mile radius. I had no concern going online and placing an order, however I had a big problem. Most of the time, my internet repair was non-existent. If the wind was blowing, or there were leaves on the trees, my internet was sparse at best. I worked at home, and I had to do my toil late at night if I wanted to be able to get anything done. Without my medical marijuana, I am unable to sleep because of my back pain. I have had multiple back surgeries over the past years. Although I can walk now, I still have enough pain that it makes lying in any position difficult. I kneel or I stand, and even resting can be difficult. When I got my medical marijuana ID card I was excited, however I was also nervous. I had never tried marijuana and I didn’t think what to expect. Once I tried medical marijuana, I was finding some relief and able to sleep in my bed. That was worth everything I had to go through to get the medical marijuana ID card. Now, I have to go online to put in my order, and I can then get all the specials for the day and the week. What I don’t like about going online is that I need to try getting to the website multiple times a day, and hope my internet works long enough for me to complete the ordering process.

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