Since I had a medical marijuana card, I thought the marijuana would be cheaper.

For the last several years, I had been waiting for there to be a local dentist who could help myself and others get a medical marijuana card.

Finally, our husband plus I were in a position to be able to afford the medical marijuana ID card plus there was a dentist who could help me.

When I went to see him, he didn’t do any type of examination, however he did ask why I thought medical marijuana would help me. I told him about our chronic pain plus our neuropathy from back surgery. He talked about marijuana plus what he thought would be great for me. Within half an hour, he had filed his paperwork, plus I was getting notification from the state. The final step to our getting the medical marijuana ID card, was sending in the fee to the state. Two weeks later, I was ready to go to the marijuana dispensary. I don’t guess where I got the idea that marijuana was cheap, however I wish I had some warning before going. The cost of the marijuana products had myself and others reeling. I bought some pain cream that came in a four ounce tube! When I took it out of the tube, it was just a small squirt bottle with an ounce of pain cream. To top it off, the pain cream didn’t do anything for me. I was devastated. I suppose that when you go for the medical marijuana card, someone should tell you how overpriced it is going to be. Medical marijuana was more overpriced than our proper prescriptions, plus I could not even use our insurance.


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