My doctor wanted me to have access to cannabis products

Finding a new normal once I was diagnosed with cancer was actually a quest.

  • But it was a quest that was made easier with the help of the cannabis dispensary and medical marijuana.

I can still remember that moment in the doctor’s office when everything just changed. It was like everyone and everything was in slow motion. I don’t guess what an out of body experience truly feels like but that actually qualifies in my book. However, the shock period was split short by how quickly I was in treatment and strategizing to get to remission. Right away, I was able to expedite the cannabis rules in the state due to my situation. It was pretty imperative that I get access to cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary instantaneously. My doctor truly wanted me to have access to cannabis products prior to me getting on with the chemo. I’m so ecstatic she felt that way as some doctors don’t see the medical marijuana benefits as legitimate. Once I got through the medical marijuana rules, the folks at the legal weed store took such good care of me. They got me the cannabis flower products that have shown to be so effective in helping treat nausea brought on by chemotherapy. It worked like a charm. While I still suffered nausea, it was totally manageable. I truly wanted to eat after being treated with medical cannabis. This was pretty amazing and so helpful since I was putting essential nutrients in my body. I’ve been amazed at my results with regard to the medical marijuana benefits I’ve experienced.
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