Pot in the apartment is a bad idea

There’s nothing wrong with our up-to-date apartment.

It is actually very nice.

The big problem is the apartment complex. I have become used to residing inside of my home. I’m not an outdoorsy guy but I actually miss the backyard where I could stand in addition to admiring the nice guy. I actually messed up back yard and places to stand in addition to love the sky at night. I absolutely Miss not having to search around the parking lot for a space. Sometimes I have to walk a half-mile just to get to the front door. Most of all, I actually miss smoking indoors. This apartment complex has a strict no smoking policy for cigarettes and also marijuana. I haven’t been allowed to smoke a marijuana joint in weeks. There are many possibilities in this up-to-date era of cannabis dispensaries, but nothing hits me quite the same way. I have a vape pen with lots of different cartridges including Indica, sativa, in addition to hybrids. I use the vape pen regularly and almost every single day. Edibles do basically the same thing, but Edibles make myself and others go to sleep like normal them. They don’t stand in the automobile in the parking lot and smoke cannabis. I consistently think that’s what the guy has been doing the whole time. When I absolutely have the Jones badly enough, I go to my automobile and smoke cannabis in the parking lot. Consistently though, I feel like I look like a bum. I’m sure the people inside of the gym have to wonder how I can afford such an expensive place and still look homeless.

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