Growing marijuana isn't the easiest business to start

I tried to grow a marijuana plant when I was 14.

It wasn’t easy and it took several tries before I perfected the porcess.

I was actually still in a foster home. There were 11 kids in total in addition to the fact that the foster parents did not much care what we did as long as they were still cutting a check and we were going to school and staying away from trouble. I knew growing pot plants in our attic could be troublesome. I was determined to figure out a way to do it. If I could grow a plant on my own, then I could instantly have a source to smoke. I would no longer be forced to venture out on a single day. I’ve used marijuana couple of times in the past. I knew it was important not to get high on supply of our own. The more cannabis that I smoked, the less I had to self. It was profitable for myself and others to be sober. There was a mason jar buried in the yard and I took $70 from using the heating and air conditioning system that I nearly had $2,000 at the end of one summer. I was making money hand over fist and giving my foster parents a small cut so they will continue letting myself in addition to others perform our business. The easiest part of the business is growing weed. The rest is all paperwork and such items for the courthouse and clerk..

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