My wife doesn't like pot smoking

My wifey has terrible dust sensitivities.

They aren’t seasonal allergies and also exist throughout the entire year.

This is incredibly tough since the allergies only get worse with each year that passes. I’ve tried to be a supportive person in her life and addition to help out when possible, but there is very little to do about these things. I drive her over to medical appointments and she does not have to worry about staying behind the wheel. I also don’t smoke indoors. This is actually quite difficult during summer. I use a lot of cannabis and I am a single who is not able to smoke cannabis in her home. I am glad the people I was with in addition to myself live in a time where we have a ton of options. Cannabis dispensaries have dozens or more odd smokeless possibilities. This is exceptional and great and I am also not above having a vape pen or edibles. Of course nothing has myself and others the same way as smoking a bit. There is a stupid internet meme that says things just hit different and this is one hundred percent true for cannabis. I don’t prefer a blunt or even smoking a rolling paper and I would absolutely prefer to smoke from a bong or a water pipe. I no longer smoke cannabis inside of the house because of second-hand smoke that sticks to all of the surfaces. It’s a sacrifice, but I am grateful that my wife is finally feeling better. I didn’t think the smoking of cannabis would add to her problems but it turns out that it did


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