The contest was a lot of fun to judge

In the rage to have competitions in addition to contests, it seems that many art forms are actually being misused.

Cooking shows I want example.

There is an actual art to making delicious food. The results are actually subjective. Something might be too salty for a single woman but not salty enough for another person. To have a contest judge say that a single plate of delicious food is just more delicious than the next is quite insane to me. How can a single dish, movie, in addition to painting be compared to other artwork. I recently was asked to judge a cannabis contest. I actually disagreed with the concept, but I still accepted the invitation. I didn’t want to turn down free cannabis due to the fact that money has been slim these days. This high-end cannabis is something I would not normally be able to afford. These types of cannabis cost a lot for an eighth and sometimes as much as you might spend on a half ounce. I had no method how I would judge in addition to score the Cannabis. It’s difficult to quantify a high feeling in number. I paced myself because otherwise all of the strains in addition to odd Blends would become a single one piece together. It’s hard to tell all of the different strains from the next. I thought it was an amazing weekend and I remember actually very little of it. I voted for the winner but I am kind of vague if that person was actually the one that won the Cannabis Cup. The contest was a great amount of fun and judging the different strains was easier than I anticipated.

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