My family gets into illegal activities

I built a still when I was only ten years old.

I was helping old girl with the still since I was able to walk.

This easily felt like the next step. My dad actually was very encouraging. I suppose he was very proud in a way of his own. The distillation of moonshine has been a family practice since the days of prohibition. Sometimes it was for professional reasons and other times my family made moonshine for pleasure. It was enjoyable to make moonshine, but not something I wanted to perform professionally. Making alcohol was a hobby. Cannabis was actually our passion. You suppose many Bootleggers Brew cannabis and also made whiskey. Distilling the spirits and actually growing cannabis require some of the same principles, which is actually patience. You don’t want to rush a wonderful liquor or wonderful cannabis. It takes a lot of time to make things turn out nicely. Moonshine people consistently have time to cook the pots or turn Mash into spirits. The revenue is very nice and made from Cannabis and moonshine. It seems easy to piggyback one crime on the top of another. Of course the main rule of cannabis cultivation is never being afraid and never taking the time to look behind your shoulder. You never know what might be there. If cops find the site, you cannot go back to that place. If you have 5 Stills and 50 cannabis plants, you’re going to have to give them up and start all over again.

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