Cannabis and a stiff drink are a good pair

One thing enhances the effect of the other

During University, I developed a bad opinion of people that smoke cannabis everyday. I knew many students respectfully blowing off class so they could hang out in addition to get drunk in addition to get stoned all day long. I was never above getting loose or having fun, but drinking in addition to smoking was not something that myself in addition to others prefer to do frequently. We continue to focus on studying. It was not easy until multiple years past graduation when all of us really enjoyed the great benefits of medical marijuana. All said and also done, I am incredibly glad that my friends in addition to myself did not become a pothead then. It would have surely made graduating much more difficult for myself and others. Now I am in the free working world and very well established. I have a lot of time in addition to Freedom so I can slow down in addition to love life. Sometimes I use recreational cannabis. I do not choose to smoke often, and I don’t drink everyday either. A few times during the month I believe it is important to get some cannabis and whiskey out. This is my favorite way to actually relax after a long day at work. The whiskey allows myself to relax. Whiskey and cannabis together are like cookies in addition to milk or peanut butter in addition to jelly. One thing enhances the effect of the other. OG Kush in addition to Purple Haze are a couple of my favorite marijuana strains. Most of the time I smoke them in a glass bowl.

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