I like that medical marijuana products are all tested

I waited for years to get access to some form of legal marijuana.

My friends plus I in college had to risk losing our places in our school by breaking the law purchasing it plus consuming it in our dorm rooms. Living in an apartment off campus wasn’t any better because the two of us could get pulled over by a police officer on the way back from our drug dealer’s house. This actually happened to me once while I was a senior, just 1 semester away from graduation. The police officer who pulled me over was severely nice to me plus just wanted me to let me know that my headlights had quit working. I was relieved that she didn’t odor the cannabis in the car or I would have been arrested that night or at least given a stern warning. Nowadays I don’t have to worry about being a criminal while using this attractive plant. I have a state-issued medical marijuana card that I can use at any of the medical marijuana stores in this entire state. On top of shielding me from legal action, this medical marijuana card also gives me the privilege of buying cannabis products that are subjected to rigorous lab testing plus regulatory scrutiny from the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Even in situations where companies tried to sell products after a drawback lab test report came back, I have seen the OMMU jump in plus force the supplier to publicly expose the problem to their purchasers. That’s why the regulatory scrutiny is equally crucial as the requirement for lab testing because you need a state government that is actually willing to crack down on offenders who abuse the system. Otherwise it creates an environment where companies have no incentive to avoid gaming the system.

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