Cannabis candy products rarely pack the punch of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Dealing with severe physical pain can be debilitating, especially when it’s chronic.

My father injured his back working in construction on several occasions during his 40 years in the business.

Although he managed to get to the 65-year retiring age before quitting, he was starting to lose some of his former mobility by his late 50s. I felt bad watching him decline in his recent years, as it’s hard for him to accept that he’s losing some of the strength that he once had and now can never regain. Despite retiring recently, his back problems worsened enough where he was hospitalized and had a few surgeries to fix broken discs in his vertebrae. The pain medication he was prescribed had good and bad results. While it helped ease the pain, he was also experiencing side effects with bad moods and chronic nausea. After watching him suffer for so long, I finally convinced my father to try a medical marijuana product to help ease his back pain. I knew that my father wouldn’t smoke or vaporize cannabis flower buds or concentrates, so I decided to find the best cannabis edible product available. I tried cannabis candy products on myself but noticed barely any effects. I went online and asked people in multiple forums what sort of cannabis edibles a person with chronic back pain should use, and the resounding answer was RSO. Rick Simpson Oil is a full spectrum cannabis concentrate that is made by soaking cannabis flower buds in a solvent like alcohol, straining out the plant matter, and then cooking the solution down until virtually none of the alcohol remains. RSO can be eaten with strong effects, or it can be applied directly to the skin for local pain relief.

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