I found a way to make more currency

My boss would be undoubtedly annoyed if he found out about my scam, however I found a way to make more currency at work, i am a delivery driver for a cannabis shop.

I supply many strange types of cannabis supplies… The cannabis shop will supply anything in the store including Edibles, tinctures, drinks, concentrate, and dried flower.

I often carry thoUnited Statesnds of dollars of merchandise at any time. Thank goodness I don’t have a immense sign on my car like a pizza driver. That would honestly attract a lot of unwanted attention! A couple of times in the past, clients have asked me to stop and choice up additional items when I supply their cannabis supplies. After a few people tipped undoubtedly well, I just started to start asking all of my clients if there was anything else I could choice up for them on my way to their address. At first it was something small and straight-forward, however most of the time now I include alcohol with my cannabis delivery services. I have a contractor card that I live with clients, so they can contact me directly if they want to have both Services. They can order from the cannabis shop online and particularally request me as a delivery driver. Then I contact the customer and find out what extra items they want. It’s an all-in-one delivery service and a great way for me to make a ton of currency. The tips are almost doubled what they were when I was only delivering cannabis products. It’s a hustle, however I’m not breaking the law.

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