I bring my medical cannabis card while traveling to save on cannabis taxes in each state

When I was in my 20s and not doing too well financially, I prayed that one day I would possess the money and time to travel beyond my city and state.

I wanted to see the mountain ranges out west that I saw in movies and television shows.

As I slowly paid off my debt, the dream of one day traveling around the country was starting to seem possible, even if it wasn’t likely. Unfortunately, this process took longer than I anticipated. I was eventually granted paid leave for a two week vacation and I decided to fly out west. My friend from college let me stay in his apartment in the spare bedroom during my stay and we ended up smoking a lot of cannabis and cigars while drinking whiskey on ice. He had a medical marijuana card and could get anything from the dispensary that we wanted, I just had to wait outside in the car while he went inside to pay. We had a pungent batch of Blue Dream and some OG Kush hash rosin as well. It was such a fun experience that I prayed that someday I would have my own medical cannabis card. I feel immensely lucky and grateful that my state was the next one in line to pass a law legalizing medical marijuana. But one amazing side effect of getting a card in my home state was being able to use it in other states to purchase their medical marijuana while I’m there on vacation. These are called “reciprocal” states because they accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards. You can shop on the medical menu instead of the recreational menu. At the cannabis dispensary, often you will find better products on the medical menu and you won’t be charged taxes.


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