I suppose my child is smoking pot upstairs

My 2 oldest sons are 14 and 16 years old, and a couple of months ago, the oldest girl came to my wife and I and asked us if she could transfer into the attic! She was sharing a room with her sibling and wanted privacy of her own, but my wife and I didn’t want to spend time cleaning up the attic! When Jack offered to clean the room, the 2 of us agreed to her plan… Jack and 2 of her friends spent an entire weekend cleaning the attic, then i was impressed with the toil they performed.

Jack was really gleeful about having space of her own and my wife and I were cheerful about the fluctuations to; Unfortunately, things have changed since my child moved to the upstairs room.

She has access to the attic from outside of the house and I suppose she is going in and out in the middle of the night. I also suppose my child is smoking pot upstairs. It is truly easy to access marijuana products, because we live in a state with recreational and medical marijuana access. Jack is not old enough to buy recreational or medical marijuana products, but I suppose she has a couple of friends that might be of age. I want to talk with Jack about the marijuana use, however I’m afraid she won’t tell myself and others the truth. I want to find the right way to discuss the issue, because I do not want my child to use recreational marijuana in the house. When she is old enough to pay the bills in her own apartment, then she can choose to use whatever recreational drugs that she wants.
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