The security guard looked very familiar

My friends and I went to the city for a bachelorette party.

We spent the whole weekend on the strip.

We went from one club to the next. We partied, drank, and gambled until the sun came up. We went to several different strip clubs. We also went to a recreational marijuana shop. Marijuana products are not available in the area where we live and they sounded like a fun way to spend our evening. My girlfriends and I went to the dispensary that was the closest to our hotel and resort. The city had about a dozen different dispensaries within walking distance, but we picked this one because of the closeness to the hotel. That’s one thing that makes the story so random and strange. While we were waiting in line to go into the dispensary, a security guard checked our ID. I swear I thought I knew the security guard. He looked really familiar, but my friends thought I was crazy. When the guy checked my ID, he immediately recognized my name and face. It was the guy I dated in high school ten years ago. He hugged me really hard and tight and told me to call him later that night when he was done working at the pot shop. He took my friends and I to a cool after hours club. We danced all night long and we laughed a lot. I didn’t want to leave in the morning, but I had a flight to catch at the airport. We exchanged emails and phone numbers, but it was probably just a one time thing.

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