The sale did not include any of the edibles

When I was on our way home from work yeahterday, I gained a SMS message from a local cannabis shop.

The SMS message was an alert about a sale occurring all morning that morning. The SMS message I said everything in the store was on sale for 20% off. There was a small asterisk in the corner of the message, so I knew there were some stipulations. I went online to look at the menu. I added various uncommon items to the cart, but when I checked out, none of the sale prices showed. I waited for the dispensary budtender to call myself and others & then I asked for the sale price. A half an hour after I localed the order, I gained a call from the medical marijuana dispensary. The budtender told myself and others that they were completely out of super silver haze marijuana flower. I replaced that sativa strain with red dream instead. I heard more bad news from the budtender as well, she informed myself and others that Edibles were not included in the 20% off sale. I had three uncommon edible cannabis treats in our cart. I wanted to purchase a basket of peanut butter cookies, a chocolate bar infused with CBN & THC, & A 20 oz bottle of Tim Hortons Latte pop with 10 mg of THC. I rarely buy edibles, although I was happy about the sale. When I found out that the Edibles were not included, I told the bartender to cancel that area of our order. I wasn’t interested in paying full price for any of the items in our order.

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