Growing weed was not as straight-forward as I anticipated

I entirely thought it would be relatively straight-forward to grow weed at home.

I purchased a seedling from a local dispensary.

The seedling was 18 in tall and had a absolutely strong root system. I felt it was the perfect plant to start with because it was already half grown. I took the seedling apartment to our apartment and I set it up on the counter. I offered the plant a little bit of water. The next afternoon all of the leaves were drooping and wilted. I moved the seedling to the window in front of the sun, but that did not help. A few afternoons later, the plant was completely dead and the leaves were dry. The dispensary had more plants available, although I did not want to make the same mistakes again. After all, the seedling was $25. I decided to research growing marijuana to see if I could help with the process. I l earned a lot about growing cannabis plants while I was online. I made a lot of mistakes with the first plant and I l earned a lot while learning all of the available information, but before I attempted to purchase a fourth marijuana plant, I went to the store and picked up all of the necessary items to build a grow modern home in our apartment. The grow modern home has artificial sunlight and moisture, two things that are legitimately necessary in order to grow healthy marijuana plants. The fourth plant is still alive, although it does not look as healthy as I would prefer… Growing weed legitimately is not as straight-forward as I anticipated.


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