Marijuana products can vary drastically from one crop to the next of the same strain

I think people have expectations for plants that don’t exactly match reality.

You can expect the strawberries in the produce section to taste exactly the same from one week to the next.

Even the best quality fruit is going to vary with the harvests and any variables that might change from one batch to another. I had a friend in college named Peter who studied economics and went on to work in a prominent position at his family’s apple distribution business in Pennsylvania after we all graduated. He told me that balancing the quality across multiple batches of the same type of apples is one of the hardest parts of the job. Some of his apples go to a company that freeze dries them and puts them in these little packages to dispense as snack food for both adults and children alike. That dried fruit company relies on consistent quality in their products to keep their customers happy and their reviews on the internet positive. It’s not different for marijuana producers, especially if they exist in a state that has a competitive cannabis market. You might love a strain like Durban Poison or Space Age Cake when you buy it one week, but then if you try to get either of them a few weeks later from a different harvest, the quality and effects might not be exactly the same. It’s smart to be realistic with your expectations with any batch of marijuana, especially if you buy it in its raw form—whole flower buds. You want a cannabis jar that smells good and isn’t full of flower buds that are dry to the bone.



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