Medical cannabis gets me more migraine free days

I’m back at work and haven’t missed a full day in over 3 months.

This is a remarkable turn of events and it’s all due to medical cannabis.

For years, I have dealt with migraines that have gotten progressively worse. The doctors have certainly given it every effort to find the right combination of meds. But while there were benefits to the meds, it just wasn’t keeping me free of migraines for any length of time. This was causing serious problems at work to the point that I was afraid I would lose my job. In turn, this stress would trigger a migraine. It was a vicious circle. I did some research to learn that medical cannabis had shown to really be beneficial for migraine sufferers. This seemed to work out perfectly as I was addressing everything from diet and exercise to my rest cycles. Once I was in compliance with the medical marijuana regulations, I was on my way. Getting access to the cannabis dispensary was the key to me being in the shape I am today. While I have no proven medical data to prove my point, I think much of my migraine situation was stress related. I could trace most episodes back to some stress trigger. With cannabis flower products, I’ve totally checked the stress in my life. As a result, I’m looking at over 90 days without a migraine day. I think that statement pretty much speaks for itself with regard to the efficacy of medical marijuana as it relates to migraines.

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