My dad receives the benefits of medical marijuana

There is something about the full circle effect of life that is not lost on me as I care for my dad.

He’s at the end of his life and is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

We’re still at the stage where he can live at home with me. I’m divorced and my kids are grown. So, it’s just me, dad and my old dog. I work from home so I can look after dad. Not too long ago, we figured out how to get him a medical marijuana card. This was suggested by one of his doctors. Dad’s transition into dementia has been a difficult one for him. He gets very afraid and emotional when he gets all disoriented. This has led to some pretty intense reactions that have required me getting him to a doctor for sedatives. But the sedatives have their own reactions as well. That’s where medical marijuana comes in. The doctor thought that cannabis products might help him relax a bit and not have such intense reactions to the effects of dementia. I went to the legal weed store for help on just what sort of cannabis products would work best. The folks at the cannabis dispensary were just so compassionate and helpful. The idea of using cannabis flower products was sort of problematic with the smoking element. So instead, we went with cannabis gummies. I give a bit to dad a few times throughout the day. And the results from medical marijuana have been awesome. There is no longer that terrified look in his eyes. He’s much more calm and almost seems to better understand the dementia he’s suffering from.


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