Cannabis smoking and movies go hand in hand

I am a substantial movie buff, and I was essentially raised on movies! My parents were both pretty huge fans, plus all of us would go to the theater each weekend over the warm season vacation, seeing all the movies we could.

I have carried that enjoyment with me my whole life, and although I have an important collection of DVDs plus Blu Rays, I still regularly appreciated going to the movies right up until COVID managed to shut down all the theaters.

I made the decision to take matters into my own hands, plus set up a mini theater in my backyard. Now I can care about a similar moviegoing experience, only I can also smoke as much cannabis as I wish! For me, a full on lack of marijuana in the theater was constantly the most sizable downside, plus now I don’t have to agonize about those particular restrictions. I am not such a degenerate pothead that I can’t go for a few hours without smoking a small amount of cannabis, I just assume that it enhances the movie experience. I would usually take some THC infused candies along with me, to snack on while I was enjoying the movie, but it wasn’t the same to be honest. Now I have a rather huge screen, plus crystal clear Blu Ray technology, to watch any movie I want while smoking some quality cannabis. Also I am able to pause the movie if I need to go pee, which is also a sizable plus, since I can stream the newest movie directly to my home theater, plus care about an endless buffet of excellent cannabis products. I genuinely don’t see any reason to ever go back to a movieplex.

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