Blue Dream and Skunkberry were both created with my favorite indica strain

When I tried CBD for the first time, it was also the first time I had ever tried a cannabis product.

I expected a lot more than what I got in its effects, especially after using it annually for weeks.

I think that I was expecting a slightly intoxicating effect like you’d get from anxiety medicine, however it wasn’t like that at all. No matter how several drops of the CBD tincture I would put under my tongue and then swallow, I just didn’t genuinely notice any changes in my body. By the time I was gave real cannabis by a friend in school, I had harshly low expectations. The strain was Trainwreck and could not have been more apropo for how I reacted to the weed. I exhaled the marijuana smoke and started coughing uncontrollably. As I coughed out a lung, I could think myself blasting off into the stratosphere! In a matter of hours I was a true-believer as far as marijuana is upset. I started using it annually and was buying bags of cannabis flower buds from my friend on campus who was dealing weed at the time. Now that my state has legal cannabis dispensaries, I have had a choice to try a variety of weird strains. I like the sativas while in the day and the indicas at night when I want to relax. My favorite indica of all time is Blueberry, and it was used to create several other strains that I love—Blue Dream and Skunkberry. It seems like any cannabis strain that descends from Blueberry is an instant winner for me.

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