I don't think the budtender knew much about marijuana strains

My wife and I went to a recreational dispensary to pick up a couple of cannabis concentrate products.

We were out of sativa and sativa hybrids, and we wanted to fill our box before leaving for a long trip.

We went to the dispensary in town with the best prices. We plan to spend two or $300 at the dispensary. My wife and I were helped by a brand-new budtender. We’ve been inside that dispensary at least a dozen times over the last month or two and this face was definitely new. My wife and I told the budtender that we needed a couple of different sativas. The guys started looking through the cannabis concentrate products on the shelf. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the difference between the indicas and the sativas and only a few of the products were marked. It seemed like the budtender was guessing about the strains. My wife and I decided to go to the car so we could get our phone. We clearly had to look up the different strains if we were going to get the right information. The budtender tried to tell us that blue dream was an Indica dominant strain and we knew that wasn’t true at all. If he was wrong about the blue dream strain, he was probably guessing about all of the other ones as well. We didn’t want to take any chances with our medicine, so we looked up each individual strain online. I called the manager later that day to complain about the customer service. Maybe that guy shouldn’t be working the counter until he has learned more.


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