Cannabis is far better than alcohol

When I started using daily cannabis as a medicine, my family thought it was a terrible idea.

They talked behind my back and started rumors that I was a drug addict. I had a medical prescription from a doctor, but they still believed it was dangerous. I tried to talk with my parents about medical cannabis, and I compared using the plant to taking a pill for my blood pressure or migraine headaches. I tried to get my parents to look at some information I got from the doctor about medical marijuana. I hoped they would read through the pamphlets and understand more about the plant. They didn’t seem very interested in learning more about the scientific research performed on the cannabis sativa plant. My brother had a lot to say about cannabis use, but he drinks alcohol every single day. The guy can drink a 12 pack in an afternoon, and he doesn’t mind driving around town to grab another one. My other brother did six months in jail for driving under the influence and causing property damage. In my opinion, cannabis is far better than alcohol. When you look at online studies, it’s clear to see that more crimes are committed by people under the influence of alcohol than people under the influence of cannabis. When I use cannabis, I can barely get off the couch to go to the refrigerator for ice cream. I don’t want to go anywhere to commit any crimes, because cannabis is the type of medicine that makes people feel lazy and lethargic.

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