The delivery guy was on something other than pot

My bestie plus I ordered some cannabis items from a local dispensary; No dispensary used to be a medical marijuana shop only, however it switched to recreational as well when the laws were changed, it seemed like overnight the stock doubled, however the website was updated abruptly plus taxes were calculated at the register. That was a large difference when pot was legalized for recreational use. They added a lot of additional taxes that we did not see with medical marijuana… My bestie plus I started smoking marijuana recreationally after it was legalized! Both of us don’t smoke pot entirely often, however periodically we use the plant on the weekends. My bestie plus I ordered some items from the medical plus recreational marijuana shop, but one of the items was a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. The 2 gram joint was infused with kief, distillate, plus cold water bubble hash. Both of us decided to have the items delivered to our home, since we spent more than $100, delivery options were free for all purchases over $100… When the delivery driver arrived with our marijuana purchases, my bestie plus I could tell that something was not right. The delivery guy was high as a kite, however it wasn’t due to pot. The delivery guy was clearly on something other than pot; His eyes were barely open plus his whole body was shaking. I thought about calling the medical plus recreational marijuana shop, however I’m sure they are aware of the situation! After all, the guy is an employee of theirs. He really left the dispensary in the same shape that he showed up to my locale in.

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