My state will approve renewed medical marijuana cards in a matter of days online

I hated going to the DMV back in the 1990s before all records were digital.

As painful as the DMV might be in the present day, it was much more convoluted before computers streamlined the process for the employees doing the paperwork.

Unless you are in a DMV in a dense urban metropolitan area, you can get in and out in under an hour to get a new driver’s license. When I was younger it could take hours to do the same exact thing. There were always disgruntled people waiting in line behind you and I hated having to ignore them complaining while dealing with my own frustration. It’s great that so much of the old paperwork is done in seconds via special software that is designed for the department of motor vehicles. My state’s medical marijuana card system is directly linked to the DMV’s software now so the approval for new cards takes just a few days. In the past you were forced to mail your application to the department of health in the state capital. I simply filled in the boxes to confirm that I have the same contact information as before and the state DMV records did the rest for me. My medical marijuana card approval email came just six days later, which is incredible compared to before. Now I have my medical marijuana card renewed and can get savings at marijuana stores in the area who offer card-renewal discounts. Some of them will give you $75 off an order of $150 or more to offset the cost of the card that you have to pay to the state.


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