Sativa is great for my writing

As a writer, I see things a little differently from other people.

  • I am more of a listener than a talker, because I have learned that by watching and listening to other people, I get a lot of good ideas for stories.

I don’t mean stealing people’s ideas, I mean by hearing their experiences it gives me ideas I previously would not have come up with on my own. There is more to the process than just listening and writing, though, for example I have found that cannabis consumption is an essential part of the process. When I smoke cannabis it relaxes my brain and makes it ready to absorb new information and ideas. There are some limits, though, because I have learned certain strains of cannabis are better for mental acuity than others. For example I know that if I do bong rips of Blue Dream I will not become creative I will become listless and spend a lot of time watching TV. Most people think that the THC content of a strain is the most important factor, but I don’t think that is the case. Personally speaking, the Sativa hybrid strains are my top choice for creative weed. Usually I will pack up my little glass pipe with a few juicy Sativa cannabis buds and hit it a little at a time as I write. I can pace myself, not smoking cannabis to get wrecked, but to let it open my mind and relax my body. When I go back to edit, I usually don’t smoke any cannabis, so I can spot my high mistakes.
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